Ultimately you want to see your property listed and sold in as little time as possible, right?
Properly showing a home for sale can make a huge difference in scheduling showings. This is why trusting a professional with the aesthetic of any listing is key! Forward Exposure is happy to help in providing quality and accurate images to represent any listing.  I understand the importance of accurately showing a home to attract buyers.

Why hire a professional?

Trusting a professional in the visual arts is the best way to ensure your listings are displayed as accurately as possible for your clients.  I'll ensure that your homes are photographed accurately and artistically in order to maximize their potential across your marketing platforms.  Plus you'll free up valuable time you can spend on your listings or serving your clients.  Not to mention the vast investments we as photographers make in our tools to capture images.  Wide angle lenses that don't distort the rooms.  You can put years of photography knowledge to work for you.  Unflattering images can make even the nicest homes look unappealing.

Take a look at this listings professional images compared to those taken on a cell phone. (Galaxy s10)


Up to 2000 sq.ft: $150

2000 sq.ft+: $200

Show off your latest listing with bright and sharp images that attract buyers.  Photo walk through covers interior and exterior photos delivered within 24 hours and custom watermarked with your name and/or logo.

($.58/mile outside of 20 miles.)

Floor Plan


+ $75

A Perfect addition to photos; floor plans will increase visibility and give potential buyers the vision to make that house their HOME.  Complete with measurements and amenities added to accurately represent the layout.


+ $75

This is hands down best way to show off your larger listings; especially with acreage!  Areal photo & video will ensure homes stand out and attract the right buyer for you!

Custom Video Narration

+ $75

Showcase every angle of your listings!  Complete with pictures, video, and custom narration highlighting key features of your properties to help sell faster.  Your branding, head shot  and contact info will be included as well.  Videos can even be created with with images/video you already have.

See example below!

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