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July 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Monday was awesome!

I had a super productive meeting in the morning to get more traction on eventually pulling in more business with government contracts.  I still really enjoy working with people and creating portraits but this will help provide some stability, especially in the slower months.  I spent the evening with my good friend Justin who wanted to test drive his new DJI Mavic Air Drone DJI Mavic Air in flight

It was awesome seeing this thing fly, I'm definitely going to be getting one soon to help with the video work I'm doing more of.

It was really nice being able to take time for myself to wind down and self care a little.  Photography has always been therapeutic for me.  I love slowing down and getting creative and just watching everything going on; it's way too easy to move so fast that you miss everything around you.


This kid has the right idea.. I was tempted to jump in too - Maybe next time I will too! I had too much gear with me to risk damage.

Grand Haven Pier JumpGrand HavenTaking a leap off the pier at Grand Haven

I touched base on it earlier but I really wanted to talk about the importance of taking time to unplug occasionally.  Not just in a traditional "put your phone down" sense, but just to take time actively engaging in something else in order to refocus.  Deadlines, clients, projects can all be pulling in opposite directions and it sometimes feels like nothing will ever get done (weird, it's almost like that's been happening to me lately) My point is that taking a minute for yourself, or sometimes half an afternoon can help re-center your work flow.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do it intentionally pull away for a break.  I never used to be anxious and taking care of all the business behind the scenes is definitely taking its toll.  Trust me, take a deep breath and just walk away from your desk when you can find a moment, take a walk, pet a dog, eat some junk food; just blow off a little steam.  It's far better to release it in controlled bursts than busting open at the seams.  Speaking of dogs...

There were also lots of dogs, Next time I'm bringing Apollo - he'll love it.

Dog at beach

Dog at beach

If you need the TLDR version, listen to your mind and body.  If you're anxious, antsy and unproductive, maybe you just need a moment.  It's important to take care of yourself so you can keep grinding.

Sometimes you feel like the freighter, other times the dingy..

Wilfred Sykes bulk frieghterSometimes you feel like the freighter.. other times the dingy.

I'm really glad I got this shot.  Although I didn't  make this analogy until later.  Comparatively, the Wilfred Sykes dwarfs this passenger boat.  Boasting tremendous momentum and power, this can be just like a super productive day.  Crushing goals and making that money is great.. But just like the dingy, it's important to be able to quickly change direction and zip off elsewhere from time to time.

You've just gotta be conscious of your needs and change up your day form time to time.

sailboat sunset silhouette of tree


That's all I've got for now, thanks for reading.  I appreciate your support, if you haven't already - make sure you like and share all my social media pages as well.  Have a good day and a happy 4th of July!


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