Forward Exposure | It's been a year..

It's been a year..

June 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I've never really been much of a writer, I'd rather  just be out shooting..  However it does seem to help to vent when things start piling up.  A lot has changed since I started down this path..  Taking pictures seems to be the least complicated thing on my plate lately.  Photography has shifted to become the "easy" part of my job.  I just celebrated one full year of not having a boss.. 100% solo operating Forward Exposure.  To be completely honest, its still terrifying - But I'm maintaining.  I struggle with increasing my visibility.  I cannot afford to pay someone to do that for me so it has become one of the many hats I need to wear on a daily basis.  I'm confident behind the camera, I know that I can take great photos, I have great reviews publicly posted, yet I still seem to be invisible..  What am I missing? Everyday I pull different levers and wait for results, but its impossible to see a direct measurable impact on adding a few key words or changing some alt descriptions on images - who knows..

I told myself a year ago (May 18th) when I lost that job that I was going to force myself to put everything I had into this and I haven't had to stop yet so that's gotta count for something.  Nobody has shut off my lights or repossessed my car.. I did however lose a girlfriend..  This unstable starving artist existence did not boast enough stability.. who knew.  I've put down my camera for enough jobs and other people in my life and I for once I confidently did what I needed to do for myself (for once).  Did it suck? of course it did, nobody wants to admit defeat in any endeavor whether its professional or personal.  It certainly snapped things into perspective though, my focus remains on the horizon to grow the business.

I'm going to start writing regularly.. This first post didn't have much direction besides me just venting at 1:05 a.m. at a coffee shop after stuffing my stress down my throat in the form of a bagel & cream cheese.  :)


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