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I started getting into photography around 2004 on film while exploring a now potential hobby.  I was never played sports or music; didn't do much in the way of extra curricular activities to be honest.  I used to be shy and soft spoken until I learned to communicate with my images, which really built up my confidence.  This journey of learning what now feels like a whole new language started while I was still in the US Marine Corps.  I was attending classes while fulfilling my reserve duties while living in Grand Rapids Michigan.  My military career was unfortunately cut short when I injured my back and needed surgery to correct a bulging disc pinching a nerve.  After the dust settled in the medical discharge, I kept taking photos and learning all that I could.  After finally getting back to somewhat normal activity with lots of PT I started exploring building a business with the skills I had been so passionate about.  I worked part time with my camera for a long time doing work for friends and family until 2014 when I created a legitimate LLC for Forward Exposure.  Over the years I developed a wide variety of experience; I wanted to capture every everything!  However I'd say I have the most fun working with people, there's just something about getting to know people through creating images with them that's difficult to describe.  A close second would have to be macro photography, taking time to witness and capture all the tiny things around us we tend to overlook.  Slowing down to change perspective and see differently is therapeutic and relaxing to me.


Most elaborate selfie I've ever taken
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