Forward Exposure | 24 Hours of Grand Rapids

24 Hours of Grand Rapids

I have dedicated some time to creating a collection of time lapse videos across my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI.  The project is featured in Art Prize (2012).  This was a very demanding project, but I am happy to have completed it.  I have learned a lot both from technical ability as well as a bit of self exploration in physical limits and patience.  Each of these 9 locations required a 24 hour long dedication of sleepless activity in collecting individual photos which would later be animated at 7 frames per second to provide to a high resolution video of each location as an entire day passes by.

In total there are 3329 photos collected over 223 hours between 6.15.2012 & 9.1.2012

I hope that you enjoy 24 Hours of Grand Rapids!
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6.15.2012 3:00pm - 6.16.2012 3:pm
JW Marriott & Amway Grand Plaza


6.29.2012 3:05pm - 6.30.2012 3:05pm
Gerald R. Ford Museum


7.7.2012 9:15pm - 7.8.2012 9:15pm
Rosa Parks Circle


7.13.2012 8:05pm - 7.14.2012 8:05pm
"Medical Mile" Michigan st & i196 from 33rd floor of River House Condos


7.19.2012 9:05pm - 7.20.2012 9:05pm


8.3.2012 7:30pm - 8.4.2012 7:30pm
This walk downtown covers 1.3 miles, starting facing NW on Monroe Center & Division.  Photos taken in 3 minute intervals moving approximately 15ft forward in each photo.


8.17.2012 4:10pm - 8.18.2012 1:10am
City Lights Music Festival
( In order to capture the entire event I made an exception on the 24 hour theme and stayed for 32 hours instead. )


8.24.2012 5:00pm - 8.25.2012 5:00pm
Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts

8.31.2012 1:55pm - 9.1.2012 1:55pm
Grand Rapids Public Museum